Friday, March 10, 2006

Commissioned Paintings

Here's two paintings I did for money! People pay for these?! I guess they do!

This is my version of a classic cartoon character for Barry Blumberg the previous President of Walt Disney Television Animation. I always wanted to do a painting of Micky with no black in it.

color comp


This is my version of a new cartoon character called El Tigre. This was for my new boss Dave Thomas. Dave's only request is that he wanted Tigre to be in an action pose. I think it's pretty action packed...


color comp


I'm open to commissioned pieces all the time, so if you're willing to pay for this, then I'll do my best to please!

Man, I wish there was some way to retain those colors from the comps. Any advise on how to acomplish this impossible task is much appreciated! Next post is Disney stuff, stay tuned!


Anonymous Keith Rainville said...

Heya G,

When I used to paint a lot of acrylics, there were these really cheap and garish flourescent colors. They were pretty useless on their own, but the hunter orange and neon pink in particular were very useful tomix into traditional colors and really power-up tough-to-match stuff like orange, magenta, etc.

You can almost match screen RGB colors if you mix-in an obnoxious enough cheap flourescent poster paint.

Not sure if the same stuff is available for oils...

12:25 AM  
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