Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Remixing the Magic"

Finally caught up to the present! Here's my new paintings I did for the "Remixing the Magic" show at Galley 1988 which was just taken down. I wanted to do a couple more, but I seemed to run out of time toward the end there...

When first asked to do paintings based on any Disney movie or character, I immediately went straight to one of my favorite artists who also happens to be one of the nine old men, Ward Kimball. He's my hero, not just because of his later more stylized cartoons, but mostly becausae he's an amazing animator. The more I study his scenes, I always discover countless subtle actions he layers into them. He was a genius, and will live on in his work...

This is a very self explainatory illustration of Mickey and Minnie's realationship, especailly in the Ub Iwerks cartoons... I wonder if Walt and Ub were having girl problems back then...


Blogger Jay D Smith said...

thses are great, love micky and minnie!

7:09 AM  
Blogger Jeaux Janovsky said...

dude, gabe,
the mickey and minnie piece is genius man!

12:34 PM  
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