Friday, April 28, 2006

Poop exchange!

Today I adopted a new son--a poop! Thanks to my pal Anna Chambers! And all it cost me a measly poop painting! Ha! She fell for it! Thanks Anna for the new son! I will raise him right!

Here's the first time I saw my new son!

This poo is a scienfitic oddity too! The first turd able to reproduce by itself!

Here's the painting entitled "Happy New Rear"...

Thanks again Anna, I'm glad you liked that piece of crap I made for you!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Mario Poster for Nintendo Power Magazine!

Well, today's the big day for the I Am 8-Bit art show! What better day to announce my secret project I ask you? Well here it is, finally!

I was hired by Nintendo Power to do a huge Mario pullout poster! It's in the next issue (June 2006/V204) that ships in 2 days! It's part of a huge 9 page story all about I Am 8-Bit show.

I spent a long time on this digital piece. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to post it, but I did make for you, a key to all the characters that appear in the poster! Now when you get the magazine, you can impress all your friends by knowing the difference between a Beezo and a Telectro!

  1. Side Stepper-MB
  2. Fighter Fly-MB
  3. Phanto-SMB2
  4. Hoopster-SMB2
  5. Mario-SMB2
  6. Lakitu-SMB
  7. Para Koopa-SMB
  8. Pokey-SMB3
  9. Bonzai Bill-SMW
  10. Clawgrip-SMB2
  11. Triclyde-SMB2
  12. Toad-SMB2
  13. Tweeter-SMB2
  14. Ninji-SMB2
  15. Shy Guy-SMB2
  16. Beezo-SMB2
  17. Birdo-SMB2
  18. Rocky Wrench-SMB3
  19. Lemmy Koopa-SMB3
  20. Ludwig Von Koopa-SMB3
  21. Iggy Koopa-SMB3
  22. Spiney-SMB
  23. Pidget-SMB2
  24. Wario-SML2
  25. Roy Koopa-SMB3
  26. Princess Peach-SMB2
  27. Mario Plane
  28. Spiney-SMB
  29. Luigi-MK
  30. Monty Mole-SMW
  31. Wendy O. Koopa-SMB3
  32. The Angry Sun-SMB3
  33. Morton Koopa Jr.-SMB3
  34. Larry Koopa-SMB3
  35. Wart-SMB2
  36. Bowser-SMB
  37. Mario in Kuribo’s Shoe-SMB3
  38. Rabbit Eared Mario (from the Power Carrot)-SML
  39. Tanooki Mario-SMB3
  40. Mario-WC
  41. Mario in Frog Suit-SMB3
  42. Mario
  43. Boos-SMW
  44. Racoon Mario-SMB3
  45. Giant Koopa-SMB3
  46. Dr. Mario-DM
  47. Goombas-SMB
  48. Donkey Kong-MK
  49. Bowser-MK
  50. Toad-MK
  51. Red Virus-DM
  52. Blue Virus-DM
  53. Yellow Virus-DM
  54. Piranha Plant-SMB
  55. Telectro-SMB3
  56. Buzzy Beetle-SMB
  57. Chargin’ Chuck-SMW
  58. Pac-flower-SMB3
  59. Cheep Cheeps-SMB
  60. Hammer Brother-SMB
  61. Para-Bomb-SMW
  62. Mario on Yoshi-SMW
  63. Blargg-SMW
  64. Big Bertha-SMB3
  65. Bloops-SMB

MB = Mario Brothers (Arcade)
SMB = Super Mario Brothers (NES)
SMB2 = Super Mario Brothers 2 (NES) (USA release)
SMB3 = Super Mario Brothers 3 (NES)
SMW = Super Mario World (SNES)
MK = Mario Kart (SNES)
DM = Dr. Mario (NES)
WC = Wrecking Crew (NES)
SML = Super Mario Land (GB)
SML2 = Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (GB)

Make sure you read the post below this one too! You'll miss out on some amazing art!

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ALERT! New blog from Scott Campbell!

Yes that's right, a new blog from the art director of Psychonauts and all around cool guy my pal, Scott Campbell! He's amazing as you can plainly see!

Dragon Practice

Check it out!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weird Graffiti

Here's some weird graffiti that appeared at the I Am 8 Bit Book signing in San Francisco this weekend. Link


Monday, April 10, 2006

The End of an Era?

Well, this marks the last of my pieces for the I Am 8-Bit artshow which starts next week...

I'm kind of sad because I loved painting for this show a lot. I really really like video games and I wish that's all I could do all day long, but I do need that day job.

For my last hoo-rah I did one of the greatest video game characters of all time-MEGA MAN (aka Rockman in Japan).

I really am a HUGE Mega Man fan and it was really hard to get a design I was happy with. I really like the original design a lot, even if it is HEAVILY influenced by Osamu Tekzuka's Astroboy...

That's another discussion all together. But here's my first attempts:

As you can see, BORING! Too much like poo for me.

Then I saw the new official Capcom redesign.

It looks kinda cool right? Naw, I have strong feelings about this one! I thought this was an American redesign because of some of the choices made. One thing that really bugs me about American rip-offs of Anime/Manga is our lack of what makes it design appealing in the first place. The original sprite is so great, it's already SD (super deformed), and squat, but not a caricature of a normal guy.

It has its own design, then to ignore a lot of those proportional choices and just shrink the body seemed kind of lazy to me.

When I found out it was directly from Capcom Japan, I was shocked!

Don't get me wrong, the new game is really cool, the animation is amazing and I think they did a lot of cool things to the original game mechanics and level design, but that design...

So, here's mine. I tried to keep his proportions squat, his chest broad. I tried to keep him "cool" looking with expressions and color choices:

What do you think? Do you like the new Capcom design, or thoughts on the new game? You think I'm crazy with these opinions of the redesign? Do you think I should do a series of Mega Man bosses?


Vot Not by Dave Wasson

I just wanted to give a shout out about VOT NOT the new t-shirt line designed by my friend the great Dave Wasson! People might have thought he was dead after Time Squad, but boy are you guys wrong! He's alive and kickin' butt! Check it out!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Take Two And Call Me In The Morning

Here's a painting I did as a trade to my new painting pal Amanda Visell.

She convinced me to try painting with cel vinyl again after almost 10 years!

I was so happy when she asked for a Dr. Mario piece! It's by far my favorite puzzle game, (and not just because Mario's in it).

Another painting tomorrow...

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