Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons for Gygax

Here's my piece for the:

Tribute to Gygax

a group exhibition celebrating the memory of Gary Gygax
and his creation of Dungeons and Dragons.

Aug. 23rd - Sept. 27th

Opening Reception
Sat. August 23rd 2008
Titmouse Studios
6616 Lexington Ave.
Hollywood, CA. 90038

"Leave My Uni Alone!"
Acrylic on Wood
9"x 12"

I know when people think Gygax or D & D they think of the Role Playing Game, but I always think of the cartoon. I was always a GURPS kinda guy.

I used to watch this cartoon religiously every Saturday. I loved it and could recall whole episodes, but why? I remembered the music and BGs being kinda of creepy, but it feel like that was quite it, so I watched an episode to find out why it made such a big impression on me. I was super surprised by how depressing it was! (go to 03:57) Those poor kids were pulled from their world. Sure they got cool weapons, but their whole lives were just chasing this "portal" home and dealing with a little dwarf who wouldn't tell them which way to go home but give them riddles!

Maybe that's why it made such a big impression...

Here's a close up:

I was thinking about doing another cut out piece, but I really felt like spending more time on painting and less on woodworking.

Well, that's the last piece for now! Fwew!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Am 8-Bit 2008

Here's my pieces for this year's I Am 8-Bit art show this Thursday!

Wooden Mario:
(Acrylic on wood)

Yes, I did all the cutting, carving, sanding and screwing together all of these pieces. It was super time consuming, but totally worth it.

Wooden Luigi:
(Acrylic on wood)

Oh, and they are kinda big.

Luigi is almost 4' tall.

Wooden Link:
4" x 6"
(Acrylic on wood)

The fun part of Link was carving out the shield and sword.

All of this woodworking actually reminded me of making Pinewood Derby Cars for Cub Scouts with my Dad. We would spend weeks in the soggy basement with a radial saw, jigsaw, a scale and sandpaper. That was fun and almost won best of show too!

Next up: TRIBUTE TO GYGAX show

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